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Verdant requires an iPlant Collaborative account. Sign in or create an account here.

Select subsets of taxa from public or private data sources and pull in sequences for analysis.

Upon uploading a plastome to Verdant, sequences are automatically annotated using the AnnoBTD software.

Visualize plastome annotations using Circos and JBrowse.

Search the database of public plastome sequences.

Verdant uses MAFFT to align orthologous regions of annotated plastomes.

Verdant uses RAxML to estimate phylogenies from aligned sequences.

New features are currently under development. Read more about what we're working on here.


Verdant provides an easy-to-use environment for visualization, annotation, manipulation, alignment, and phylogenomic analysis of whole chloroplast genomes. Verdant is hosted by CyVerse and is built on a growing database of chloroplast genomes.

We have provided a general user login for those who want to casually use Verdant. Data uploaded through this user will be deleted after 72 hours. We also cannot guarantee security of these data. We encourage the general use login only for those wanting to test features of Verdant.

If you would like to use Verdant anonymously, the general login information is:

User: verdant_public_user
Password: Verdant1

Otherwise, you can login in above using your CyVerse account.

For more detailed information and a step-by-step guide on how to use Verdant, please refer to the Tutorial.

Coming Soon

  • GenBank Ready Submission
  • Online Tree Visualization
  • Incorporation of PAML for Molecular Evolutionary Analyses
  • Structural Analysis and Comparison in Gbrowse
  • More User Options for Circos Using J-Circos
  • Repeat and Microsatellite Analyses
  • Hairpin Prediction

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us below with suggestions or if you would like to contribute to Verdant.


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